Why Are Taxis The Best Way To Travel From Heathrow

For all those traveling to London for the first time, the city can be a mesmerizing maze of beautiful monuments and historic stories. Find below why taxis are better than the other transfer service from London Heathrow.

London Heathrow is the UK’s busiest and largest airport. The airport is home to 5 passenger terminals and the airport is busy throughout the year and during all seasons. It is located in the London borough of Hillingdon and is 27 kilometres away from Central London. The airport supports over 70 million passengers every year. Heathrow is also the country’s most advanced airport and is well equipped with all basic facilities, shopping areas and restaurants.

To travel from the Heathrow to Central London directly passengers can choose to travel by the Heathrow Express, The Heathrow Connect or licensed taxis. The Heathrow Express trains run between Heathrow and Central London at a frequency of 15 minutes. The Heathrow Connect passes through the stations in West London before it reaches Paddington station. The service runs at a frequency of 30 minutes and the journey takes less than 30 minutes. Both services are cost effective and end at the Paddington station. However for a more comfortable drive and door to door service passengers have to depend upon licensed taxis.

Tourists visiting London for the first time find taxis as the best way to start a leisure trip. Taxis are the easiest and the most stress free way of finding one’s way in a city as busy as London. While public transport is not available during late hours of the night and is less frequent during public holidays, taxis are available 24/7, 365 days of the year. Neither bad weather nor public holidays can interrupt taxi services to the airport.

When a passenger chooses to pre book a taxi or a minicab service it relieves them of the anxiety of finding one’s way in a new city with their entire luggage and infants. All taxis are licensed and all taxi drivers hold a valid license thus eliminating any doubts of insecurity. Taxi drivers are trustworthy and they take the entire responsibility of transferring you from Heathrow to your destination safely and at the right time. They are well trained to handle traffic situations and are well versed with all locations and are familiar with even the quaintest streets of this English capital. Late night travelling in taxi is 100 percent safe and in most cases the only option due to unavailability of public transport.

Honeymoon Tip: Your Travel Consultant Can Be Your Best Friend

A good travel consultant can help you navigate through the choices for your honeymoon. From romantic island destinations, African safaris or culinary experiences worldwide; your knowledgeable travel pro knows them all. A Certified Travel Consultant is your perfect match. They have years of experience and know the destinations, resorts, sights and what may work best for you. Your travel professional can also match your personality with the correct destination and resort, offering valuable insights on flights, room selection, activities, itineraries, and much more.

When plans change, an airline goes on strike, a natural disaster occurs; your travel pro can help before you leave home. If you book your honeymoon with an online discounter, who does not have the resources to offer complete customer care, you will be on your own. With your consultant, you always have an advocate that can help with communications and assistance along the way.

Travel Insurance is recommended and a good idea to include. Most policies cover with trip protection for lost luggage, delayed flights, canceled flights, and cancellation due to medical reasons. Make sure and include this with your honeymoon package, as it provides peace of mind for the unexpected.

How about booking directly with the resort or hotel? If you see an advertised honeymoon package for $ 5,000.00 for example, and contact the resort to book; the potential problem for inexperienced travelers, is they do not know if this resort is a good fit for them. The resort may ask about your likes and dislikes, but would never recommend another resort. When you call a resort they are ready to book their product and offer no other choices.

When you call your professional travel consultant, they are ready to take the time to ask questions, get to know you and the experience you want. Communicating your travel ideas for the honeymoon is helpful. Destinations, sights you want to see, activities that you want to include, are all part of the picture to create your dream honeymoon!

There are so many fantastic honeymoon destinations. Depending on the length of your trip and what you want to discover, the world is open. A professional that meets your needs and provides a trip of a lifetime are what you gain, when selecting a travel pro for the job! Time is your ultimate luxury, spend it wisely.

Why Traveling Is The Best Teacher

Great education is not confined to books. Real knowledge comes from exploring new places and avenues. When you go on a journey, you discover a lot of things that you were previously unaware of. You learn and grow from experience instead of sitting in a classroom or reading from a book. Kids benefit a lot from traveling as visually seeing things that you previously only read about in a book, is more appealing to their mind. Not just children but even adults grow more inquisitive and curious when they travel. There are many reasons why one should travel as often as they can:

Break The Monotony: Nothing can be more repressive than leading a monotonous life. It is stifling and blocks the mind from being lively and creative. Staying at one place and following a fixed schedule every day can be nerve racking after a while. When monotony tries to drag you down, it's a sign to pack your bags and head down the road seldom taken, quite literally.

Discover New Culture: The world is full of wonders just waiting to be explored. The view that frames your desktop screen looks even more beautiful when experienced in real life. New places are inhabited by new people that we don't encounter on daily basis and they have their own unique way of life. Living amongst strangers and discovering and learning their culture is far more appealing than reading about it in a book. Different cultures have different kind of cuisines, social behavior, way of dressing and interests. You learn so much more by interacting with them and such interaction stay with you longer than words you just glanced off from a page.

Learn New Language: Different places have different culture and different languages. Often we try to learn new languages ​​at institutions and find it to be quite a challenging task. Very few have experienced the charm of staying with locals for a while and learning their native tongue. It is the best and most exciting opportunity to expand one's cultural horizon.

Discover More About Yourself: The last but the most important aspect of traveling is that you learn a lot more about yourself when you travel. It removes you from your regular surroundings and everyday affairs. You encounter different situations and people during the journey and each experience is enriching. It teaches you something new about the world and how you tackle different situations. The way you deal with things far away from home teaches you something new about yourself. Also, travelers always have the best stories to tell.

Branson Vacation – Travel Tips To The Best Kept Secret In The Midwest

I consider myself to be a professional Branson traveler. I might as well pay taxes in the town since I am there so much. As a child, my family traveled to this exciting destination almost every year. I did go on a Branson fast for a few years during college, but for the last seven years I have indulged in a Branson Buffet.

From memory, I can recite the names of almost every show in town. I can direct you to any theatre, regardless of its’ location. And you had better believe I have a strong opinion on every show and attraction in town. Yes, I am a 28-year old Branson fanatic.

Basic Facts

If you have never traveled to Branson you might be asking yourself what it is that makes Branson, Missouri so special. It is in the middle of nowhere and yet it is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the country.

Actually Branson is special for many reasons. While Branson may seem to be in the middle of nowhere, it is actually in the middle of everywhere. Branson is one of America’s most popular driving destinations. Since it is in almost the geographic center of the United States it is a convenient location for most of the country. Though there are a few people who fly into the Springfield/Branson Regional Airport, most of the millions of visitors will drive to town.

That actually sets up one of the most frustrating situations in Branson. Traffic can be a nightmare. Branson was not designed for major traffic. The town had a major growth spurt in the 1980’s and literally outgrew its road system. At least 75% of the tourist sites are directly connected to HWY 76. This is the major artery that runs, or should I say crawls, through town. The city has tried to alleviate some of the traffic through well-marked alternative routes. Most of the traffic still uses 76 exclusively. If it is your first time in Branson, I would encourage you to drive the “strip” (HWY 76) a couple times to generally learn the area, then get a Free map from any brochure display and learn the alternate routes. You will save time and it may be the only way to get to a show on time.

It is almost impossible to believe until you have experienced it, but the traffic congestion in Branson starting in the mid-afternoon is worse than rush hour in any city in the country. Movement is measured in inches rather than feet.

To give you a good idea, I would like to share one experience I had in July of 2004. My wife and I were staying in Old Downtown Branson, which is on the far east end of HWY 76, near the intersection of HWY 65 and HWY 76. We had plans to see Spirit of the Dance at the Branson Variety Theatre. The BV Theatre is right in the heart of the strip, but was less than 4 miles from our hotel. The show started at 8:00 p.m. We decided to leave at 5:00 p.m. so we would have time to grab dinner along the way and still get to the show on time. At 7:15 p.m. we had not eaten dinner and we were still at least a mile from the theatre. Traffic was not moving. To make a very long story short, at 8:05 p.m. we finally pulled into the theatre parking lot and entered the show after it had already started. We had to eat after the show, no time before.

The next evening we saw Cirque at the Remington Theatre, which is completely across town. We still left at 5:00 p.m. for this 8:00 p.m. show, but this time we used the alternate routes and arrived at the theatre well before 6:00 p.m. We had plenty time to walk around to the neighboring shops and have dinner before the show.

Tip #1: Don’t waste valuable vacation time – Use the alternate routes!

Don’t let the traffic keep you away from Branson though. Honestly, it is just part of the fun. There are still plenty reasons to come to Branson.

The Ozark Hills and Mountains are another reason to visit Branson. No, you will not see the height and grandeur of the Rockies, but you are still surrounded by beautiful scenery. The Ozarks is pride of its country charm and slower pace. You can come to Branson expecting the shows and attractions and end up enjoying the nature trails of Mark Twain National Forest or playing in the waters of one of the two pristine lakes that surround the city. The Ozarks are a nature lover’s dream.

Tip #2: Take time to enjoy the Ozarks – they are the FREE attraction!

There is honestly something for everyone in Branson. Lots of cities will say that, but Branson can back up that claim. The adults and seniors are certain to find several shows they will like. With over 100 shows to select from there will be one for each person in the group. But there are many of high-energy music, magic and comedy shows in town that keep the kids and teens hooked. There are also several amusement parks and water parks including Silver Dollar City and White Water. I will get more into the actual attractions in the next part of the column, so look for more information in the other parts of the column.

Branson Shows, Theatre & Tickets

Lets take a look at what made Branson famous–shows and theatres

You will arrive in Branson to an overload of media. There are more than 50 different theatres in Branson. Most theatres have several different shows performing throughout the day. The biggest entertainers will perform the 8:00 p.m. shows, but that does not mean that the morning and afternoon shows are second rate. They are just as good in most cases. Whether you are looking for a headliner or not, there are more than 100 shows to keep you busy while in town.

The whole Branson craze started with just a couple shows. The Presley’s Country Jubilee and the Baldknobbers Jamboree. Both of these country variety and comedy shows are still going strong today, 40-50 years later. They are among the most popular shows in town for good reason. They put on a quality show every night and their fans return year after year.

If you enjoy country and gospel music served along side hilarious comedy, then you will find your fill in Branson. Beside the two shows already mentioned there are many more of these genres all over town. Some of the other popular ones include Pierce Arrow, Grand Jubilee, and the Braschlers.

Another large category of shows in town can be grouped as family shows. That is not to say they are designed for the whole family to enjoy, because that would describe almost every show in Branson. By family show, I mean most of the cast and sometimes the crew comes from the same family. The Duttons, Haygoods, Lowes, Hughes, and the Brett Family, just to mention a few. All these families blend their amazing harmonies to create some of the best and most touching shows in town.

The impersonators are yet another major group of shows in town. Toni Roi is one of the most noted Elvis impersonators in the world. He has his own show and he also occasionally performs with The Legends Live in Concert, who also has a popular show in town. You will also find a Hank Williams and Patsy Cline show. One that I personally highly recommend is a full comedy show called A Tribute to Red Skelton.

There are a few Broadway style shows that prove Branson has it all. You can see Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Cirque, Spirit of the Dance and even off-Broadway shows like the touching and funny, Smoke On The Mountain.

Then Branson is also famous for a broad category of shows that are designed with your family in mind. These shows are designed to mesmerize the kids and astonish the adults. This group includes everything from comedians to magicians. Starting with magicians you will find several huge shows with large illusions at Grand Illusion, Darren Romeo and The Hamner Barber Variety Show. If magic is not your thing what about the Chinese Acrobats, Comedy Pet Theatre, Bounce the Basketball Show or even a live family game show called Hot Seat.

If you remember the 20’s & 30’s, 50’s, 60’s or 70’s – really any decade, you will be able to take a trip down memory lane. You can spend the 50’s At The Hop or get Stuck In The 70’s. You might even choose to drive to Motown.

By this time you are probably getting hungry. We can’t forget the dinner shows. Of course Dixie Stampede with it’s horses and a stampede of buffalo is the biggest show in town, but you can also enjoy a ribeye steak while watching lumberjacks compete at the Tall Timber Lumberjack Show. If you would like to take a cruise on Table Rock Lake, the Prime Rib Dinner Show on the Showboat Branson Belle is unbeatable. You can also enjoy a delicious western BBQ meal at the Circle B Chuckwagon Dinner Show. If you like music while you eat, try the White House Theatre or catch Bob Anderson’s Show. You will not leave hungry, and you get a show to boot.

Last but not least, the headliners. In the mid 1980’s there were many well-known performers who moved to Branson and opened theatres. A few of them are still here and performing amazing shows. If you remember Andy Williams, Ray Stevens, Jim Stafford, Mickey Gilley, Mel Tillis, The Gatlin Brothers, Pam Tillis or Roy Clark you will love seeing them live in Branson. The Grand Palace brings in the hottest performers on tour today. It is not uncommon for Tim McGraw to be on stage one week and Jeff Foxworthy to be appearing the next week.

Branson has also created it’s own headliners. The fiddle-playing Shoji Tabuchi is one of the most popular performers in Branson, and he, without a doubt, has the most ornate theatre bathrooms in Branson. Other performers like Moe Bandy, Doug Gabriel and Paul Harris have made a name for themselves in this tough town.

I did not even try to mention all the shows in Branson. As a matter of fact, I did not even begin to scratch the surface. The performers and venues change all the time, so some of the shows mentioned may be gone by the time this article is up.

I encourage you to use sites like Branson Critic and the Branson Lake Area Chamber of Commerce website to find the shows that your family will enjoy. Branson Critic has plenty reviews of area shows. Normal people like you write all the reviews. They saw the show and wrote a review. This is a great way to decide which shows to see.

Another great way to find a good show while in town is to ask the front desk clerk at your hotel or the waitress that served your lunch. Locals know which shows are a must-see and which show to avoid. You might even strike up a conversation with the person sitting next to you at a show. Find out what they have seen and what they thought. You might even make a friend.

Tip #3: Brochures do not tell the whole story – ask a locals for the truth about which shows are a must-see.

This would be a good time to talk about ticket prices. Branson shows are not cheap. If you look very hard you will find a couple shows with an admission price under $15. There are a few more in the $18-$22 range, but most show tickets are at least $25 per adult ticket. Dinner shows are even more.

You will find coupons in free magazines all over town. With these you are able to save a couple dollars per ticket. Check the brochure racks for the coupons.

You might even have a timeshare company offer you free tickets. That is an option worth considering, but I will discuss in a latter article

There is still one more way to save on tickets. You can check on eBay for Branson show tickets. I have bought them there before. I paid less than half price. This way takes a little more effort, but can save you lots of money.

I hope that some of these basic tips on traveling to Branson Will benefit you and your family.

Best Travel Tips for the Holidays

During this hectic holiday season, there's more on people minds besides presents, food and family. It's a premier travel time in America. Besides Thanksgiving, the time around Christmas is the largest day to migrate. Be it back home to see relatives or perhaps take the family on a much needed vacation, people flock all around the US during this time. It can be incredibly stressful and potentially expensive. But, no worries on that, we have you covered. In this article we will review some helpful travel tips and some basic pitfalls to watch out for during this frantic point in the year.

For starters if you are traveling by plane, try and pack as light as possible. This will help you not only with airline but being able to put your luggage into whatever way you plan on getting around during your stay. A great way to save money and time is to rent a car from a local rental location. You will avoid airport fees and markups, not to mention you'll have a helpful staff that will probably be fairly knowledgeable about the area you are vacationing in. Another helpful tip to make sure you are at the airport at least 2 hours early. There will be an estimated 2.3 million going through Tampa International Airport alone during the time between Christmas and New Year's and that makes for one long line at security! If you are traveling outside the continental United States, give yourself at least three hours. Also be sure and avoid peak travel days. Try the middle of the week and of course as far away from December 24th and 25th, as well as January 4th and 5th. If you are going to be changing planes, make sure you are familiar with that airport. A 45 minute layover seems like enough time until you factor in taxing, deplaning, finding your next gate and then getting there in time to board. You'll find that 45 minutes feels more like 10 minutes.

If you are planning on getting gifts for loved ones back home, try to purchase your gifts in town. Avoid taking presents on the plane as it can slow you down. If you are bringing presents with you, wrapping them in your destination will save you on time in the airport. Traveling just isn't for those departing and arriving; It also includes people who might be picking you up from the airport. Always be certain to give your travelers time to deplane, grab any baggage they may have brought with them and find their way to you the arriving flights pick up location.

Another solid tip for those who are traveling by air is to leave either very early or very late. People tend to travel most during the daytime hours and you're more likely to sit with your family or travel companions if you travel outside those hours. Finally, always remember to be patient and keep your cool. Everyone is trying to get somewhere as fast as possible so they can maximize their time off, just like you are. Expect the unexpected and remember that everyone just wants to enjoy the holidays to the best of their ability!

The Best Luxury Tours of India

In November last year, I set out on a holiday to rediscover Shimla, the erstwhile summer capital in Oberoi style. It's one of the best luxury tours of India! I boarded an express train at Delhi railway station to Kalka, one of the major railway junctions connecting the North Western foothills. On arriving at Kalka, I was whisked through the crowds to board the quaint little Himalayan Queen that embarked on a 96km journey to Shimla, offering an unforgettable experience.

Stretching seven miles along a ridge at over a couple of a thousand meters high, Shimla has grown into a large, prosperous town from its earlier beginnings as the summer capital of the British Raj. It is now the capital of Himachal Pradesh, the hill state created in 1966. Like most hill stations, the town sprawls along ridges at many levels, connected by steep lanes and steps. The Mall is now swamped by advertisements for every conceivable consumer item and the shops that stock them, but Christ Church still dominates.

Shimla is still a mix of late Victorian Gothic architecture and later mock-Tudor. Cottages with 'English' gardens and some splendid houses set in the deodar and pine forests can still be seen. The social focal point remains the Mall, where vehicles are prohibited. The post office, banks, shops, and the recently renovated Gaiety Theater are all here. Numerous side paths lead down to the colored local bazaar on the southern slopes. The Mall leads west past the old Secretariat, then turning down to the railway station, the Cecil Hotel, and the State Museum with its small collection of Pahari miniatures and Himachal sculpture. It ends at Observatory Hill, with the old Viceregal Lodge. This huge Victorian pile, built by Lord Dufferin in 1888, is now the Indian Institute of Advanced Study.

I visited the Oberoi Wildflower Hall, situated at over eight thousand feet high in the Himalayas. Set in acres of trees, it is the former residence of Lord Kitchener, and recreates the audacious style of the colonial era. The wood panels throughout and original paintings create a sense of traditional charm. Authentic wooden floors, hand knotted rugs, and stylish furnishings are complemented by spectacular views to make the rooms very special retreats.

For centuries, the Himalayas have inspired the souls of anybody who encounters their grandiosity. This hall offers a peaceful retreat in the mountains, offering spa treatments based on all kinds of traditions in secluded rooms that offer incredible views of the Himalayas. Enjoy the views of mountains and valleys from throughout the hall. Saunter along the trails that take you through the stunning forests and enjoy picnics during your explorations. For the more adventurous, you can arrange longer walks through the splendid countryside with the help of an expert guide. An unbeatable combination for the best luxury tours of India!

Looking For Bus Tours? Questions You Must Ask To Get The Best

Bus tours are very popular in cities mainly because they offer an easy way of enjoying all the best features of the city affordably and within a reasonable period of time. If you are visiting a city for the first time and you don’t have much time for a holiday or vacation, you can take advantage of the tours to help you enjoy the city highlights within a day or the time you can spare for the ride. However, to enjoy the best experience, a few questions can help you choose the most rewarding tour in your preferred city.

What places of the city will the tour take me? If you are choosing the tours, it is because you expect they will take you to the best spots of the city. They include shopping areas, attractions, theme parks and some of the best eating spots too. To determine how worth the bus tour will be, take time to look at the areas it will help you visit and find out the possibilities of alighting to enjoy such areas before continuing with the tour.

What bur tour options do I have? Apart from being different in the size of the bus and features within, the bus tour can vary according to the city route it takes. Find out all options available to you from your service provider before making the last choice. For instance, if you are travelling with your family, you might be more inclined in getting a bus that offers you the chance to bond without too much crowding. When looking at the tour options, consider the time schedules and duration of the tour to make sure it matches with your personal schedule or business schedule you are working within the city. Also important are the days of operations.

Are your buses children friendly? This is a very important question if you wish to tag your family along for the bus tour. You want to find out which children you have to pay fees for on tour and what ages can enjoy the tours free of charge. This can differ from one operator to another and you will find one with a child policy you love. Apart from children enjoying the tour with you, find out how possible is for your handicapped member of the family to enjoy the tour with you. For instance, find out whether the buses are wheelchair friendly or not. If you wish to travel with pets, find out if they are allowed in the buses or not.

What about foods and drinks? Whereas it is possible to find a bus tour that offers refreshments, most don’t and will not allow any food on board. However, you still might get a chance to hop off the bus at designated areas to get food and refreshments. These policies are very important, especially when touring with children who can get hungry unexpectedly. Find out how convenient they will be for you and anyone accompanying you.

How to Plan a Holiday & Choose Holiday Packages – Top Tips for Stress Free Travel & Ticketing

Traveling might not be complete stress-free, but a little further planning can help make everything go pleasant than you might expect. Vacations are often a time to relax and enjoy new adventures while spending quality time away from hectic life.

There are a few tips to follow for a smooth stress-free vacation.

Choose the destination

The very first tip to plan a vacation is to confirm what the destination would be. There might be plenty of places you might want to visit but it is salient to fix one. Check out for the budget that you can afford. You can get in touch with travel agents around you or surf some online travel websites which offers aplenty choice of holiday packages. Once you have shortlisted all the advantages and disadvantages of a place, narrow it down to one and there you have it. The duration of the holiday also plays a main role in deciding the destination.

Research in advance

It is recommended to do as much research as you can about your destination: Look into everything from food, public transportation, visa requirements, Passport, restaurant options, cab and estimates. The more you know before you travel, the better.

Pack Light

Packing different types of clothing or foot wears that you may need won't necessarily make it any easier to enjoy your vacation as u think. Make it a note to pack light as possible to ensure that you can get around easily and avoid losing certain items that is valuable.

Choose Accommodation

Another Important step on vacation planning is to get the best accommodation. In order to grab the best deals and get fancy discounts, it is always recommended booking beforehand. It is actually quite better to get rooms with a nice view as well. Compare the prices on Different platforms and see which ones are giving the best deals.

Take care of the passport

If you are traveling another country, you will need an updated passport. Make sure that you take care of the same and have a passport that's to the date. If you don't even have the passport, make sure you give yourself 2 months time before planning a vacation to get the brand-new passport.


People often find that museums and restaurants have up-to-date websites, but every once in a while something falls through the cracks. Call the persons to confirm that there won't be any closures or that the event you are coming to see is still happening. Book tickets as early as possible.

Avoid thinking about work

Use your precious time to catch up on nice sleep, read books and spend time with friends or family. Let your vacation be a perfect reminder that you have control over your level of relaxation and apply the same at work when you return.

Restrict your communication

Most of the People often feel compelled to stay connected while they're away from home, so they bring their laptops / Tabs to check e-mail or participate in conference calls. But it is inappropriate to relax if you do this. If you feel that you must stay connected while you're on holidays limit your communication and establish a designated check-in time.

Let yourself relax

By taking time away from work make you happy, refresh and more productive than before. Sometimes when we are away from day to day activities, We actually find solutions to problems or think of innovative ways for quality performance.

Secure Everything at Home

Nothing ruins your delighted post-vacation vibe like a messy home. Before you leave your Home, find someone to take care of your beloved pets, water your plants, and pick up any mail. Take a quick look at the refrigerator to get rid of any food close to its expiration date. Unplug any electronic devices and empty the trash cans. Make sure your gas is turned off. The whole process won't take more than 30 minutes.

Get caught up

Take Advantage of the vacation and be proactive in seeking out what you've missed during vacation. Make sure you're filled in on all the suitable information and details of meetings and reports you missed.

And finally, You can also create digital copies of your airline tickets, passport, ID proofs and email them to yourself to avoid losing the information if the documents are lost or stolen.

The Best Time to Travel to Thailand

Probably the most common question any foreigner living in Thailand will hear from people planning to visit the Kingdom is " When is the best time to come to Thailand " … not an easy question to answer without knowing "why" a person wants to come to Thailand.

There are basically three seasons in Thailand (though of late the cold season seems to have gone missing), the seasons are, The Hot, The Wet and The Cold. Cold being a rather subjective description though, the shots of emergency blankets being handed out in the northern provinces when it drops to a chilly 10 degrees … that's 10 degrees Celsius. So what does each season offer.

The Hot

March to June: The hottest month is April when even the geckos stay inside and most expats look outside at lunch time and decide to not eat rather than melt on the walk to a food stall. The Hot season is beach season, if that's your thing then this is the time to come to Thailand, guaranteed sun sun sun all day long day after day. For Trekkers you might find this to be a tad hot to go trudging up hills unless mounted on an elephant, sun stroke and dehydration are high up on the list of things to beware of. Bangkok turns into a molten vat of pollution as the winds die and the smog just hangs around choking up the oxygen. Hotels are at their most expensive during the hot season and weekends will see many of the mid range ones fully booked.

The Wet

July to November: The change over from hot to wet is the worst time to be in Thailand regardless of what you're into. It's Hot, it's wet and the humidity is ruthless. You'll be desperate to take three showers a day at a minimum … living in a shower for a month might not be a bad plan. If you can imagine living in a sauna for a month then you get the right picture of Thailand at the start of the wet season … unless you're in Bangkok, then get in a sauna and pipe your car exhaust into the sauna to get the right idea … hmmm yummy. Then thankfully the skies really open up, the wind blows and things freshen up. Rain is pretty much a guaranteed feature on a daily basis and usually kicks off in the afternoon, sometimes lasting all night, Floods are common along with power cuts. So why come to Thailand now … the cost …. hotels are empty, tourists are away, it's a great time to see Thailand with fewer tourists than usual and get the best prices as even the thai people stay home at the weekends .

The Cold

December to February: Thailand freezes over, snow falls from the sky and ice-skating is the nations most popular sport … well if you watched the TV or the Thai people running around dressed in winter jackets, boots, gloves and scarves you may start to think it's true .. in Bangkok it can drop to a bone chilling 15 degrees Celsius at night, and up north it has on occasions dropped down to 2 degrees, the south gets off much lighter and you can escape with a body warmer and a bobble hat. Thailand again is swarming with tourists who have come to take advantage of the cool weather to do see Thailand without burning up. This is the best time of the year to actually "see" Thailand, you'll enjoy seeing the sights and touring the cities and trekking will be at its best. Again prices will be up and hotels fairly full.

So in a nutshell the best time to come to Thailand is the time that suits what you want to do, Trekkers and Tanners will have different needs, those looking for bargains will have different needs. Just add that there are occasional down pours even in the hottest parts of the year and even the wet season can be dry for a week or more ….. but leave your skis at home … there will be no snow .. … guaranteed.

Travel Sites Can Offer The Best Advice And Information When It Comes To Booking Your Holiday

Within the last decade, the number of holidays taken by people has skyrocketed; but while this trend owes much to the increasing affordability of air travel, it’s also important to consider the immense role that travel websites have played in the holiday industry revolution. In fact, as the internet has continued to flourish as a valuable source of information for large numbers of the world’s population, the emergence of online travel sites has become a vital planning and booking tool for prospective holidaymakers.

New research conducted by Nielsen/NetRatings on behalf of Harvest Digital and Adviva surveyed a selection of UK consumers, confirming that the World Wide Web has now become one of the most important portals for people looking to plan and book holidays. According to the research, 55 per cent of internet users in the UK book their holidays online; furthermore, 9 per cent of internet users book their holidays on the high street after conducting their own research online, while 17 per cent of users will carry out research online prior to booking their holidays via the telephone. The research also found that two thirds of internet users take two or more holidays a year – proving just how important travel websites have become within the worldwide tourism industry.

Today, online travel sites have become much more than simply another, less expensive portal through which holidaymakers can book cheap flights, hotels and tour packages. In fact, modern travel websites now provide travellers with a wide range of information and hard-to-find data so that they can better plan their leisure trips. In the USA, for instance, the American Automobile Association (AAA) website offers visitors a comprehensive travel service for road trips across the country; it recently became the first online travel planner to list local gas stations in America – and it is additions like these that prove how important information on travel sites can be to prospective holidaymakers.

Many other travel websites offer destination guides to internet users, as well as providing vital information on inter-continental rail trips and cruises. By offering this sort of information, travel sites have made themselves indispensable to the majority of internet-using travel consumers. The variety of online travel websites that are now available also means that whatever type of holiday you’re after, you’ll surely be able to find it online. For instance, if you’re looking for a site from which you can book short breaks to a range of locations across the UK and globally, the internet has plenty to offer you. Simply make sure that you research your holiday and accommodation options carefully on the internet – you might find the holiday deal of a lifetime!